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Participants can propose their own subjects of interest, OR choose subjects listed below, classified into different levels of difficulty (Foundational, Basic, Intermediate or Advanced)


The classes are designed to introduce different techniques through a range of subjects, so that participants can steadily progress to higher levels over time.

- Foundational -


Ink 101: Free-spirited Literati (Xieyi)

This introductory session paths the entrance to the world of Chinese painting! Build solid fundamentals, understand the materials and find out which style of painting suits you best.

•    Intro:2 main streams of Chinese ink painting
•    Art History fun facts: Gongbi vs. Xieyi, which came first?
•    Painting materials & tools (techniques & maintenance)
•    Ink mixing: getting the gradient right
•    Basic brushstrokes in Xieyi: through fun practices with drawing fishes!

Ink 102:Academic Masters (Gongbi)

An entirely different approach to the free-spirited style of Xieyi, this session gives an essential crash-course of the methods adopted by the ancient painters from the Chinese court.

•    Colouring techniques: Chinese mineral pigments & practice mixing
•    Essence of composition-making: how did ancient Chinese painters learn?
•    Peculiarities: Gongbi as an attitude  
•    Basic steps to Gongbi:practice with flower petals & leaves ~


- Basic -

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- Intermediate -

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- Advanced -

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