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Hi there! I am Tianyuan, the face behind Neptune Court Studio.

I was born In Heilongjiang, China on a cold winter and grew up on the sunny island of Singapore, the place I now call home.


I grew up with the traditional ink medium; over the years, my love for it grew as I discovered more about its amazing properties and what our predecessors have done with these materials.  Since my master's studies in East Asian art history in 2017, I have identified this field of knowledge an area that I want to contribute towards.

I start the Neptune Court Studio with a wish to share what I have learned, as well as a tiny ambition — to build a community of East Asian art lovers in Singapore, where the exchange & exploration of these artworks can be supported.   


* * *



Select credentials

  • Master of Arts -  History of Art and Archaeology of East Asia, UK

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, USA

  • NAC Arts Scholarship (Ugrad) recipient

  • GCE A Levels Art H3, Singapore

  • SYF Gold (with Honours) in Art

  • UOB Painting of the Year award winner (open category)
  • Solo & Group exhibitions since 2010

  • Artist residencies in Spain and Japan (Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)

  • For more details:

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